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In Search of Godly Men

June 16, 2019
In Search Of Godly Men
A Journey to the Cross
Navigating the Turbulent Water of Life
An Attitude of Gratitude
What It Means to Be Profoundly Grateful

A Modern Day Stoning

February 3, 2019
A Modern Day Stoning
September 17, 2018       Dear Central Members and Friends,     As each of us reflects on the many  blessings God has granted us, we have much to…
Dear Central Members & Friends I want to start this note by thanking you for your prayers and support during our recent trip to Egypt!! Your thoughtful prayers were instrumental…
Dear Central Members & Friends, I pray you are experiencing God’s grace, peace and love despite what struggles you may be encountering in life. One of the comments you often…
Dear Central Members & Friends, On Sunday we took a look at I Kings 19:1-14 and examined the major transition and contrast in Elijah’s life from I Kings chapter 18.…