Four Principles for City Renewal

May 9, 2018

Nehemiah was a cupbearer, not a King or Priest, but a layman who served under King Artaxerxes, who ruled Persia from 464 to 423 B.C. Nehemiah’s name means - “The Lord has comforted.”

Remember the four principles I shared on yesterday and put them into practice in your life  from Chapter 2 of Nehemiah verses 1-20:

1.      Opposition is certain from within and without

2.      Prayer is essential

3.      People must be willing to work

4.      The leaders & workers must be determined to follow God’s agenda

As we examine our bible, we see it littered with people who failed because they submitted to their own agenda instead of God’s agenda with noble intentions only to realize too late the mistake they had made. Let’s start each day off determined to stay on God’s agenda instead of our agenda!!

I hope you enjoy the attached slide deck and find it a useful tool in your deeper study of Nehemiah this month!!

Grace & Shalom!!!!

Pastor Perry Stuckey

Four Principles for City Renewal


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