Dear Central Members and Friends

I pray your Joy is complete in Christ!! One of the important principles of our Christian journey is learning that our “Joy is made complete in Jesus Christ” and that life comes with all types of struggles. However, the key to life is struggling well when we find ourselves in a struggle!! Joseph is a great example for us in the Old Testament book of  Genesis. Joseph encountered numerous struggles early in his life. However, he kept his focus on pleasing God in the midst of his struggles and you know how the story ends!! Joseph became the Prime Minister of all of Egypt, second in command to Pharaoh only.

God loves us and His desire is to make our “Joy Complete” as noted in John 15:11. Understanding the source of your joy is the key to victory in life!! Jesus Christ is the source of your joy and you will only experience His supreme “Joy’  by putting your complete trust in Him as your Lord and Savior and by walking in obedience to His will!!

I have learned this principle over the years and it keeps me centered when I encounter struggles and the trials of life. Like you, my life is not void of struggles. However, my objective is to struggle well and trust in Christ to get me through all of my struggles over time. He has been extremely gracious to me over the years and I suspect you can say that also when you reflect on His grace and mercy!!

 I want the very best for you and your family and my desire is that you set a great example for everyone around you by allowing them to see the overwhelming “Joy” you have despite your struggles that only come from your complete trust and relationship with Jesus Christ!! What separates true believers from the rest of the world is that we don’t fall apart when we encounter life struggles. We impact the world because they see a “Joy” in us that is unexplainable by the world’s standards!!

I pray that your “Joy is Complete” and this is only made possible by understanding what Jesus truly meant in John 15:11. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday and for those of you who are located in other states, may you have a profound impact on the people around you, as you demonstrate to them and the world that “Jesus Christ is the Center of your Joy.”

Grace & Shalom!!!

Pastor Perry Stuckey



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