Pastor’s Letter

Dear Central  Members and Global Friends,

As I pen this letter to you, we find ourselves still dealing with a lot of historical crises from the still lingering pandemic, the crisis in Afghanistan, Hurricane Ida’s devastation in New Orleans, and the border states that are experiencing severe damage. We could all list a host of personal issues within our families and households that are impacting our emotional and mental well-being. However; I want to share something more important with you, that is extremely credible, and something you can always rely on when you find yourselves hampered by the storms of life.

As Christians we have a reliable promise from God found in Romans 8:28 that we can always stand on!! “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” (NKJV)

We learned on Sunday from our final study in the series “Pearls of Wisdom To Live By” that this is a divine promise, a definitive promise, and a promise that can’t be destroyed or denied provided we embody the requirements outlined in the text. This is awesome assurance and exciting news for us as believers!! Here in Romans chapter 8 we discover one of the most important passage of scriptures in the entire bible that is a divine promise from God to all of us as believers. Notice the following critical words in the text that should give us true assurance for the rest of our life and erase the bondage of doubt that we often allow to dominate our life. There are two critical caveats for this text to manifest in your life affairs and they are:

  1.  Work together for good, to those who truly love God
  2. And are called according to God’s purpose not our purpose

If you truly learn to love God with all of your heart and live according to His purpose for your life. I am absolutely confident; you will be amazed at how different your life will become and how well you will be able to manage the current and future stress that comes from life struggles.

I love the way Paul concluded this chapter, by naming all of the struggles of life after verse 28 and explaining how none of it could separate us from God’s love in verse 39 of Romans chapter 8. These verses should help each of us understand why the promise outlined in verse 28 is a divine and definitive promise for all true believers of Christ. This is a great way to close out our sermon series on “Pearls of Wisdom to Live By!!” I pray you take the time to make the promise of Romans 8:28  a reality in your daily life. Please enjoy the attached slide deck from Sunday and don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or contact us directly by phone if you need assistance.

Your Brother And Servant In Christ!!

Pastor Perry Stuckey

Vicki SmithPastor’s Letter
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Letter from Pastor Stuckey on “Family Matters” and “Giving your Best in every Aspect of Your Life.”

Dear Central Members and Friends,

As many of you are aware, I have been teaching on a new series called “Family Matters.” We know our immediate family and broader Christian family matters but with the best of intentions we often take them for granted or allow our busy schedules to prohibit us from connecting with one another as often as we should. As I prepare to teach on lesson four of this series on Sunday, we all got a reminder on last Sunday of just how fragile life can be. As we experienced the tragic news surrounding the helicopter crash that resulted in nine people being killed, including legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant, our thoughts and prayers go out to all of these nine individuals and the sadness their family, friends and fans are experiencing.

This is a powerful reminder for us all about the importance of family and how unpredictable life is!!

One of the greatest gifts we can give God as well as our family and friends is by living a life where we are giving God our best effort as well as our family and friends. Now reflect for a moment and ask yourself, are you giving God your best effort as well as your family?

If we would all be honest with ourselves, we would say that on many occasions we often fall short in demonstrating our best effort for our families and for our Heavenly Father. A great lesson we can learn from Kobe Bryant’s life is that he wanted to be the best basketball player on the court every time he played the game. He always gave his best effort when he stepped on the court and put in the work to ensure he would be remembered among the greatest players to ever play the game. Obviously, he was blessed with great basketball ability. However, he had a tremendous work ethic to go along with that ability.

One of the principles we can all take away from Kobe’s life is giving God and our family our best effort every day that we wake up!!

Please implement this principle starting today and we will all be amazed at how much we will grow both personally and spiritually. Our families will be pleased as well since they will benefit the most from our transformation!!

Grace & Shalom!!

Pastor Perry Stuckey

Leslie GravesLetter from Pastor Stuckey on “Family Matters” and “Giving your Best in every Aspect of Your Life.”
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Letter to Members and Friends 01-2020

Dear Central Members & Global Friends,

I pray your New Year is off to an excellent start and you are staying focused and spiritually centered on what really matters!! Staying centered and spiritually focused requires effort and dedication. For me this means getting up early and spending appropriate time at the start of my morning in communion with God so the Holy Spirit can order my steps throughout the day. If you are like me, I need to be focused right from the very start of the day. Otherwise, I find myself being driven by the agenda of the day, which is often the source of a lot of our personal frustrations in life.

I started a new sermon series which is our theme as a church for 2020 “Family Matters”. Families are the foundation of the Christian life and God took a special interest in ensuring families were given a solid foundation starting with Adam and Eve in the garden. He granted them dominion over every creature and instructed them to be fruitful and multiply.

Satan recognized this special privilege and has waged a war on the family to disrupt our relationship with God. We must remain vigilant and alert as Christians to ensure we don’t become a casualty of Satan’s destructive influences on our families. Remember he is a crafty enemy of God and we can’t defeat him in our own strength!!

God selected us before the foundation of the world and adopted us into the family of God through His Son Jesus Christ and granted us the rights and privileges of heaven as adopted children. God made these provisions for us  and bestowed His unmerited favor on us before we were born. The unfortunate tragedy is that many of us behave more like orphans instead of adopted sons and daughters of the King!!

As we unpack this new sermon series it is my sincere prayer and desire that you will become more enlightened about who you really are as a child of God and walk in the light and the privileges you have as sons and daughters of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

May you be inspired and encouraged by the sermon outline and PowerPoint slides from the introduction of this sermon series on “Family Matters!!”

Your Servant In Christ!!

Pastor Perry Stuckey

Leslie GravesLetter to Members and Friends 01-2020
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