The Importance of Having the Gift of Discernment in “Walking with God Daily”

My Dear Central Members, Brothers & Sisters in the Body of Christ around the globe, as I pen this letter to you this morning on Friday, June 2, 2023, at 5:28 AM EST during my early morning devotion. My sincere heart’s desire is to see you accomplish all that God has called you to accomplish for His glory and honor!!

To fulfill this objective, one of the important spiritual gifts that we all need to ensure a successful walk with God daily is the “Gift of Discernment.” Please understand that when we are committed and surrendered completely to God, we become a target for the enemy of God!! One of the unique gifts that God grants in His spiritual arsenal to believers that is accessible to us is the “gift of discernment.” God has impressed upon my heart why this gift is extremely important to us as believers in this letter to you this morning.

The “Gift of discernment” is utilized by the elect of God to know good from evil, light from darkness, and truth from lies. The purpose is to guard against deception. The fool rushes into trouble, but discernment shows us when something isn’t quite right, so we avoid disaster. When we see the potential for danger, we can use discernment to change outcomes.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where Satan has a stronghold in our nation. This requires all “Believers” who love God and desire to see “His will done on earth as in heaven” must employ the gift of discernment to be effective in making the right decisions aligned with God’s Will. Allow me to highlight some brief principles below that you must apply daily.

The gift of discernment is one of the nine gifts given to the Church for edification and ministry (I Corinthians 12:7-10). One important principle that is essential to know is that when we question a person’s motives or even-certain choices they are making, discernment uncovers the truth behind the behavior.

Having strong discernment gives us the advantage over the enemy. Using discernment, we can determine if what we perceive from an individual or observe from a situation is fact or fiction. Satan is famous for deception and likes to make a “bluff” in a game of poker, the enemy uses deception to twist the truth and steal our blessings. As Christians and true believers we may unintentionally sacrifice our victories by falling for the bluff, but we can avoid traps using the gift of discernment.

When we know what’s true, we can effectively address the “Spirit” in operation. Truth gives us the upper hand against the devil and the enemies of Christ’s Good Works.

When we have the truth, the truth sets us free; more importantly, when we know the truth we judge righteously, avoiding a misstep. Just like a skillfully played hand in the game of poker, discernment essentially shows us when to call a bluff or fold the hand.

My sincere desire is that each of you would seek God daily as you “Walk with Him Daily” and call out to him during your Daily Devotion, to bestow the “Gift of Discernment” upon you that you may not be mislead by the enemy and those that Satan uses to sow division among the members of the “Body of Christ” around the globe.

Holy Father as we seek your truth please grant us the gift of discernment in our daily walk to honor you. Amen!!

Your Brother and Fellow Servant in Christ!!

Perry Stuckey, Senior Pastor Central Baptist Church

Rick ZimmermanThe Importance of Having the Gift of Discernment in “Walking with God Daily”