Relationships Matter Series Part III: Avoiding Toxic Relationships

December 13, 2017

There are a limited number of people on the planet, if any who would have sacrificed their only son for people who rejected their son. God is unlike us, His love is completely agape!! Therefore, we must be intentional about enhancing our understanding of how important “Relationships are to our Heavenly Father”!!!

Our series on “Relationships Matter’ will dramatically enhance your spiritual insight and wisdom and improve your relationship with people if you put in the personal study time and be intentional about becoming a better person!!

On Sunday, we cracked open the door about addressing toxic relationships in our life. We discovered from our Study on Sunday that a toxic relationship can extend beyond people. We can have a toxic relationship with food, our job, money etc.. A toxic item is anything that will cause us harm and hinder an appropriate relationship with God and our family.

We will continue this study during  our bible study and examine in more detail the toxic relationship that Samson found himself in with Delilah. In order to better prepare for our discussion, please take a moment to read Judges, chapters 13 through 16 as we will examine Samson’s failures and look at the opportunities he had to reverse the course of his destructive behavior. 

More importantly, we will have a candid dialogue about our own behavior and what modifications and adjustments we need to make to improve our relationship with God and others while avoiding the mistakes that Samson made!!

Grace & Shalom!!

Pastor Perry

Avoiding Toxic Relationships

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andreaRelationships Matter Series Part III: Avoiding Toxic Relationships