The Extra Plus In Leadership

Dear Central Members & Friends,

As we embark on this leadership study together for the month of December and January I pray that your focus like mine is asking God to be the potter in this journey and mode and shape us into the spiritual leaders that we have the potential to become!!

Each individual will get the most out of this course of study by focusing on their individual shortcomings instead of looking at the shortcomings of others. As leaders we all have strengths and weakness that require constant effort and assistance from God in order that we may become more effective on earth for His kingdom building.

This journey will be challenging for each of us and I can promise you that if you stick with the course of study and spend quality time with God during your private devotion that you will see growth and maturity in your behavior as a leader. It has been my experience that those who believe they already know everything and there is little others can tell or teach them, will experience the least from this course of study and frankly typically acquire the least from any biblical study because they allow their own conduct to get in the way of their spiritual development & growth.

God’s Word promises us that it will not to return back void. We are constantly reminded that “They that hunger and thirst after righteousness should be filled.” Matthew 5:6.

Let’s grow together on this exciting journey that will help us get to the next level as church family during 2017. 

Your Brother In Christ,

Pastor Perry Stuckey

Rick ZimmermanThe Extra Plus In Leadership