“Stay Fresh” in 2018

Dear Central Members and Friends,

I pray and hope on day two of the New Year that you are still happy!!!! One of the ways to ensure success in 2018 is to spend each morning as you awake reflecting on what you are thankful for!! Our life will be filled with many challenges in 2018 like all years are. However, a great way to keep your joy is to start each day reflecting on what you are Thankful to God for!!!

We can always find something negative to complain about. Let’s do something different this week. Why don’t we all start by seeing if we can go the next seven days without complaining about something. Let’s hold each other accountable for this. The reason so much of our joy is stolen, is directly related to the environment we live in today. From television, to employees, to family members we can always find something to complain about.

On Wednesday night during our bible study, I am going to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and deviate from our current study series on “Relationships Matter” to cover “Seven Critical Steps We All Must Take to Enhance Our Spiritual Growth in 2018.”

You don’t want to miss these seven critical steps to enhance your spiritual and personal growth in 2018. Bring a friend with you and come prepared to take notes and leave our session with a nice study handout that will be instrumental in your spiritual growth during 2018.

Remember “Stay Fresh” and don’t allow complaints to rob you of your joy for the next seven days!!!!

Grace & Shalom!!

Pastor Perry Stuckey

Rick Zimmerman“Stay Fresh” in 2018