Understanding the Manifest Presence of God: Part III

August 10, 2018

Dear Central Members & Friends,

On Sunday we took a look at I Kings 19:1-14 and examined the major transition and contrast in Elijah’s life from I Kings chapter 18. We discovered in chapter 18 that Elijah was on top of the world and when we drop anchor in chapter 19, we find him depressed and afraid!!

We all go through difficult transitions and trials in life where we feel isolated and alone. However, the good news is that God never leaves or forsakes us during these difficult time periods. If we stay close to him and allow Him to minister to us, He will ultimately rescue us from these difficult situations as our loving and Holy Father!!!

We discovered a rich blessing on Sunday by looking at how God graciously ministered to Elijah during his moment of depression and darkness. Depression is a serious mental condition that impacts more than 100 million people around the world. It is extremely serious and impacts people from all walks of life. We see Elijah in I Kings 19, the great prophet of God, wanting his own life to be taken. The good news is God knew what He needed and ministered to him and got him back on the right track.

Elijah experienced the “Manifest Presence of God” even while being depressed!! This is a great lesson for us all that if we can look beyond our circumstances, God is always present and willing to help us if we walk by faith and not by sight!!

I pray you put these practical truths into action in your daily life as you encounter trials now and in the future.

Please take a moment this week doing your quiet time and devotional period to review the attached slide deck, read I Kings chapter 18 and 19 and ask God to give you the grace to walk in the footsteps He has ordered for you and see beyond your circumstances and experience “His Manifest Presence!!”

I look forward to sharing Part IV of this series with you in the future!!

Grace & Shalom!!!

Pastor Perry Stuckey

Understanding The Manifest Presence of God Part III

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andreaUnderstanding the Manifest Presence of God: Part III