Veterans Appreciation

Dear Central Members & Friends:

As we approach a very busy season that always occurs in November and December, please take a moment this weekend, especially on Saturday to thank God for the brave men and women who have devoted their time and talent to serve this country in the military. They are the unselfish hero’s who walk quietly before us each day without seeking any recognition.

Many of them have paid a deep price for the freedom we get to enjoy each day!! My request is that you pause on Saturday especially, and thank God for them, along with praying for the men and women around the world who are still serving the great nation we are proud to call AMERICA!!

Like so many of my brothers and sisters, we are grateful that God allowed us to serve you in the military and we have a simple request: please don’t forget about us and pray for us along with our brothers and sisters who are confined to the VA hospitals because of the injuries that they have sustained!!!

My prayers are with each of you and please pray for my fellow servants who have spent time in the military like me, and the millions of soldiers who are deployed around the world today!!!

May God keep you in His Grace!!

Grace & Peace!!!

Pastor Perry Stuckey

Rick ZimmermanVeterans Appreciation