Understanding the Invisible Hand of God

Dear Central Members & Friends,

I have not written to you in a while due to Eastman Board meetings, church related guest speakers and other work related activities.  We have now pivoted away for a short timeframe from our sermon series on “Relationships Matter.” However, I hope you have made significant progress on enhancing relationships since we started this series in January. 

At this stage, if you have been diligently engaged in applying and Living the Word of God, you should be seeing the fruits of your labor in enhancing your relationship with family members, church members and individuals in your surrounding community.

I hope you were blessed by our Sunday message on “Understanding the Invisible Hand of God.” The PowerPoint slides and video link I utilized to kick-off this series are included in the below attachments. I am not sure at this point if this will be a two part or three part series. I am waiting on confirmation from God on this. What I can tell you is that my primary focus will be on listening to God as He is already prompting me about preparing a series about the Significance of His Resurrection. I would like to engage you in making some type of sacrifice that will strengthen your relationship with God and help improve your discipline as a Christian. This can be something small but it should be something meaningful that will have a lasting impact. Let me share with you what I am doing in this area.

I have decided that  I will not eat any deserts, consume drinks that contain sugar or what we call junk food for the next 45 days. This is a small sacrifice compared to the price Jesus paid for our salvation by giving His life for our Redemption!! However, going without deserts and sticking with a diet of fruits, vegetables and healthy eating will help improve my energy level and will have long term health benefits. I am hoping to drop a few pounds, but mostly I want to discipline myself to be in a better position to allow God to speak to my heart. Please hold me accountable and help me get through the next 45 days. Simple things like this help to give us more structure and discipline in our lives and ensures we become stronger men and women and more productive in every aspect of our life!!

Please take some time this week during your devotional quiet time and ask God what you should give up and what you need to do in order to draw closer to him. Listen to Him and obey Him!! Your journey will not be like my journey, but we are all on a unique journey to be better servants for His glory!!!

Enjoy the attached material on “ The Invisible Hand of God”!!!!!

Grace & Shalom!!!!

Your Brother In Christ

Pastor Perry


God’s Creation Part 1



Rick ZimmermanUnderstanding the Invisible Hand of God