Responding to Unexpected Moments

Dear Central Members & Friends:

I pray this note finds you and your family doing well and, more importantly, engaged in activities that pleases God even if you are hit by an unexpected storm!! We often are challenged by unexpected moments that pop-up in our life when we least expect them!! I experienced this on Sunday as I left home feeling fine and for some reason during the middle of service, I found myself dehydrated, exhausted, feeling miserable, but I still had to deliver the sermon. God was gracious and got me through the 11:00 AM service and also our Sunday evening Unity Prayer service where several churches were also involved. This was one of those unexpected moments that pop-up in all of our lives from time to time and some are more severe than others. The key is how do we respond in those unexpected moments!!

We can’t always control the moments, but we can control our behavior and how we respond to the situation. I want to share three critical points that will assist you when you find yourself in an “unexpected moment.” These three points are essential for us to model grace and continue to honor God in the process.

1. We must maintain a critical focus on completing our priorities, or the task at hand. It is very easy to allow unexpected moments to get us off-track or deviate from God’s objective. When unexpected moments occur, it is more essential than ever to maintain a critical focus on completing the task or priority at hand. If we allow ourselves to get distracted or off-track, we delay getting the essential things done that are most important. Staying mentally focused is critical during moments of distractions or unexpected attacks. This will take discipline and prayer on your part.

2. Ensure we make the appropriate critical decisions. All decisions are not critical. However, the decisions that are critical must be made appropriately in unexpected moments.
It is very easy to make bad decisions during unexpected moments; we often find ourselves reacting out of emotions, making snap decisions during these times. We must maintain a relentless focus during unexpected moments and ensure we are sensitive to the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. In our study on Sunday we learned that Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, (John 1:37-40) made the appropriate decision to follow Jesus home and ultimately ended up being a disciple who also witnessed to Simon Peter about Jesus. We want to learn to make appropriate critical decisions in the moment as we encounter unexpected issues. In order to do this we must be led by the Holy Spirit, moment by moment, staying constantly connected to God throughout the course of our day for this to become a reality!!!

3. We must have a critical concern for others; this leads to a greater purpose than ourselves. When we are focused on ourselves, our decision making becomes all about us and what we are trying to accomplish. Andrew’s immediate concern, after he discovered who Jesus truly was and accepted him, was finding his brother Peter to ensure that he also met Jesus. This was the best decision Andrew could have made because Jesus had great plans for Peter that Peter was unaware of. Peter became a great disciple and leader in the early church and we all are benefitting today from Peter’s decision to follow Jesus. When we make the appropriate critical decision to completely surrender all and follow Jesus, we align ourselves with God’s will. We accomplish more in life when we align with God’s will and we also help others achieve more. Are you so concerned with holding on to something that you are preventing your future blessings and also limiting the blessings of others?? Think deeply about this question for the next several days as you study the attached slide deck from Sunday.

Only a few people knew I wasn’t feeling well on Sunday, but I stayed mentally focused and completed the assigned task with God’s help & guidance. Let’s all do our best to maintain our focus, make appropriate critical decisions, and have a critical concern for others!!

I hope you take the appropriate time to review the attached slide deck and allow God to minister to your heart!!

Grace & Shalom!!!

Pastor Perry Stuckey

Rick - Admin ZimmermanResponding to Unexpected Moments