Walking With God Daily

Avoiding Distractions In Our Walk With God

Dear Central Members, Global, and Local Friends,

We are bombarded with pressing decisions and issues daily. Many of them distract us and get in the way of our ability to walk with God daily. How do we stay on track, and make the appropriate decisions, when we are faced with so many distractions?? I must admit that at times life can be extremely challenging. However, God has given us a good blueprint to keep us on track, if we would take the appropriate time to apply it in our daily schedule of life. I have learned the following principles that help to bring order to my hectic life schedule and would like to share those principles with you this week.

Here are a few principles that will help you to stay focused and not get distracted or taken off course:

Remember, God has a purpose in everything to bring glory to Himself. Any distraction that you didn’t create, or do anything to have it occur, stand firm on (Romans 8:28) Knowing that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.
1. God loves you and takes your best interest to heart. (Matthew 7:9-11)
2. God’s view unlike man’s view of your best interest is always focused on the eternal life perspective.
3. God plans and knows your future for all eternity. Therefore, don’t allow temporary conditions and issues to get you off track. (Ephesians 1:5-13)
4. God sacrificed His Son, Jesus, to offer you a future with Him. (John 3:16) Most of the issues we are dealing with daily don’t involve your eternal future. Therefore, don’t get sidetracked by these earthly issues that have no eternal value. People love to put pressure on you about the things that drive their agenda, instead of what might be in your best interest long-term. Remember to be driven by eternal things, instead of things that have no long-term eternal value.

When we have enough courage to stand on the solid foundation of God’s truth, and you are walking closely by His side, you will remember to not allow issues to distract you and work to stay on course:

1. You will get the facts instead of relying on social media and friends.
2. You will not allow your emotions to get in the way of listening to the Lord.
3. You will be wise enough to ask other serious Christians for advice, like your family members, friends, and experts who will give you wise counsel.
4. Always pray and ask God for guidance daily to help you get through the maze.
5. Measure the issues and changes against what scripture says about the situation.

I pray you will implement the above suggestions to avoid distractions and stay on track in your daily walk with God!!

Desiring all the best for you and your household!!

Your Fellow Servant In Christ!!

Perry Stuckey

Rick ZimmermanAvoiding Distractions In Our Walk With God
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